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Our Church Blog - Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Posted by Pastor Christopher Shipster on

The teens in our youth group are preparing a Valentine's Day Fundraiser by making packages for the couples in the church. Each package includes:

  • A handmade Valentine's Day card
  • A flower
  • Chocolate
  • A small handmade gift


The package will be dropped to your house on Sunday the 13th of Feb. Hopefully giving you enough time to write a sweet message to "ton amour" in the card. 

For each package bought, the teens will send another handmade card with a written message of encouragement and love to a senior citizen in the community. 

The cost will be $20 for each package and the money raised will go toward the sponsorship fees of the Compassion Child that the youth group supports. Her name is Moei and she lives in Thailand. We have supported her for 7 years and the teens have written letters to her many times. 

If you would like to participate we ask that you would please let us know by Wednesday the 9th. Simply email  . Pastor Chris will need to record your name and address, and will give you the information needed to make the payment for the package. 

Please feel free to email Pastor Chris if you have any questions. 

God bless you
Pastor Chris and the teens


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