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Small Groups

Because We are One body

As we comply with safety measures due to Covid-19 restrictions, many of our groups have gone online.  For information and to connect with any of the groups simply email:   

CU20 Ministry:

Are you a university student or 20-something?  We have a college, university, and 20somethings group: CU20. Click here to learn more.

Special Short Term Groups for Adults of All Ages:


Bible-based Trauma Healing - 6 week group 

Group discusses suffering, grief, healing, listening, forgiveness and compassion.
For those suffering from wounds of the heart and those wanting to help. 

A new group will be starting in March. March 2 - April 6 from 6-8 pm, online. 


Alpha - 10 week session (Sept 19 - Nov 28, 2022)

Answers questions such as: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus Die? How can we have Faith? Why and how do I Pray?Why and how should I read the Bible? and How does God Guide us?

This group is over, but we hold it at least once a year. Contact the church if you would like to know when a new session is starting. 

Ongoing Bible Study Groups For Adults of All Ages:

Groups with a focus on Bible study and prayer

Ladies @8 (currently with Google Team)
Meets every Wednesday evening - studying "Waiting for God" 
Leader: Veronica Moseley

Peoples Church Downtown Small Group (on Zoom)
All ages group, meets every Thursday evening.
Leaders: Pastor Ken and Valerie Godon

South Shore Candiac-St.Hubert Group (meeting with Google Groups)
Meets every second Wednesday 
Leader: John Vogan

South Shore St. Lambert Group (currently on pause)
All ages group, meets every second Tuesday from 7:30 PM - 9 PM.
Leaders: Alan and Beatrice Swift 

Town of Mount Royal Small Group
Meets every second Friday evening (via Zoom or Team) 
Leader: George Ostowich
Coordinator: Céline Matteau
Hosts: Laura & Camille

West Island Beaconsfield Small Group (currently on Zoom) 
Meets every second Wednesday evening at 8 PM
Leaders: Eric and Mary Cannell

City Lights:

Groups with a focus on discovering one’s gifts and talents, mutual edification, service and accountability

Downtown group
Meets Sunday afternoons (in person at the church)
Meets every Sunday afternoon with rotating leadership


To connect with any of the groups above you can email:   or call the church at 514-845-9834.