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Small Groups

Because We are One body

To connect with any of the groups simply email:   
or phone us at the church 514-845-9834.

Are you a university student or 20-something?  We have a college, university, and 20somethings group: CU20. Click here to learn more.

NOTE: Because of the spread of Covid-19, some small groups have stopped meeting. Some are keeping in touch by phone and email. Some are using Skype or Zoom. 


Peoples Church Downtown Small Group

All ages group, meets every Friday at 7:30 pm at the church.
Leaders: Pastor Ken and Valerie Godon

Please contact  for more information.

Town of Mount Royal Small Group
All ages group, meets Wednesday evenings at the Adib residence.
Leaders: Camille and Laura Adib

Please contact  for more information.

Beaconsfield Small Group (West Island)
All ages group, meets every second Thursday evening 7:30 PM at the Cannell residence.
Leaders: Eric and Mary Cannell

Please contact    for more information.

South Shore Group 

Meets every second Wednesday at various locations on the South Shore from Candiac to St. Hubert.
Leader: John Vogan

Please contact  for more information.

South Shore St. Lambert Group
All ages group, meets every second Tuesday at the Swift residence 7:30 PM - 9 PM.
Leader: Alan and Beatrice Swift

Please contact  for more information.

Union Café
All ages fellowship group that meets at F.A.C.E. High School every Friday 7 PM.
Leader: Richard Korbely

Please contact   for more information.

To connect with any of the groups above you can email:   or call the church at 514-845-9834.

Join a small group

Are you looking for a group in your area?  We have small groups downtown or in your neighborhood. Bible study, prayer, to encourage spiritual growth and Christian friendship, at various locations and times in Montreal.

As Christians, we are to belong, not just to believe.  Over 50 times in the New Testament the phrase “one another” or “each other” is used.  Some examples are: Encourage one another (Heb.10:25); Teach … Admonish … Forgive … (Col.3:16); Honor … Be Devoted to…(Rom.12:10); Pray for… (James 5:13-16); Accept… (Rom.15:7); Submit to… (Eph. 5:21); and Serve one another… (Gal.5:13).  All of these are more likely to happen as we meet together in a small group.

At Peoples Church we have a number of small groups where you can get connected with other believers.