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Children's Ministries

Sunday School - NurseryAwana 

Sunday School at Home

Due to the pandemic, we paused our live Sunday School gatherings. However we continued to offer Sunday School lessons online through personalized videos that we prepare most weeks.

We have now restarted Sunday School at the church, so you now have a choice! 

Click the banner below to view our library of video lessons.

As a bonus resource for both parents and children, we have a free subscription to RightNow Media.  This is basically the 'Netflix of Bible study' content, with more than 18,000 videos and plenty of Christian programming for children. 

It's free to sign-up Here and we encourage you and your family to grow in Christ!


Sunday School at Church

Sunday School at church is now back starting Nov. 28th.

We will be offering Sunday School during the 9:30 AM service again.

It starts at 9:30 AM. Registration is required. Parents can register their children at the same time that they register themselves. 


The nursery is open for parents and toddlers. It is unstaffed, but open and available. There will also be a short craft time for very young children in the nursery. (There are crafts for older children in other rooms. All the crafts are run by the Sunday School department.) 



Our Awana program is still on hold.