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Daughters of the King (DOK)

Donalda Missionary Fellowship (DMF)

Daughters of the King (DOK)

Daughters of the King (DOK) is an event-oriented women’s ministry that seeks to plan 2 to 4 events a year for women of all ages.  The events are designed to address various interests and needs of the contemporary woman and her day to day life.  Events may include women’s breakfasts, workshops, and guest speakers.

All events will be announced at church services, in the church bulletin, and through this website.

The mission of DOK is:

  1. To connect women of all ages in this church;
  2. To provide a place and basis for women to become all that God created them to be – by teaching and living the Word of God;
  3. To encourage mentoring and contacts across all age groups; and,
  4. To equip and encourage women in Christ so that they can be vessels for a Godly impact in their families and in their community and workplace.

Events will be posted on this website. Be sure to check our calendar.

For more information contact:

Mary Cannell or 
Celine Matteau    




Donalda Missionary Fellowship (DMF)

The women of the church are invited to gather at the church  for fellowship, food, prayer, and a message from a missionary or women involved in ministry.  All are welcome.

Meetings are on Tuesday evenings once every month or two, and we alternate between supper meetings and desert meetings, so you need to check our church calendar for dates and times. 

For more information, please email 


The DMF started years ago as a group of women gathered to support the first missionary who went out from our church: Donalda Goodall. She had graduated from Moody Bible Institute and and began serving in Zambia with South Africa General Mission (now SIM) in 1952. She met Einar Fossum serving there and they were married in 1954. They continued serving in Zambia until 1987 and then served at Peoples until 1996 when they moved to Ontario to be near their children. 

The DMF has continued to support Donalda, Einar, Peggy Airth, and many other missionaries for many years. The Fossums and Peggy have passed on, but others continue. 

  Donalda's MBI grad photo    Peggy sees Donalda off



  Fossum Wedding 1954