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Our Church Blog - May Missionary Prayer Requests

May Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Caroline Nantel:
Please pray 
- that our teen persevere in their schoolwork, ask for help when needed and have the motivation to prepare well for their exams. 
- for a "creative prayer walk for creation" that I am organizing in collaboration with our oecuminical group in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. It is planned for May 23. Please pray that the christians of the community respond to this call for prayer and that our event shine for Jesus in the neighborhood.
- for our move this spring.The partner we work with, Carrefour Parenfants, has bought a building that they are renovating. We will be moving when it is ready. Please pray for flexibility and peace in this transition ahead for our team. We are hoping to move during the month of June.
Khrystelle Melé:
Please pray
- for our students at Innovation Youth who are on their way to finish their school year by the end of May, that they may stay motivated regardless of these changing times because of the lasting effects regarding the pandemic.
- for a third of our students who will be on their way to graduation from our program and a post Innovation Youth plan for their future. 
- for a strong number of 10 youths who are enjoying and will be completing the alpha course with us. We are planning to finish in two weeks and continue with Christ-centered questions to keep discussions and questions going. 
Claude Mathieu:
Please pray 
- for our Fellowship Chaplains in Quebec to remain faithful in reaching the lost souls for Christ.
- for Donald Rodier as the new coordinator of Chaplaincy in Quebec.
- for the people we have shared the Gospel with as we are waiting on the Hoy Spirit to bring them to accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.
- for us as we serve the Lord in our building where we live.

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