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Book review of Made to Live,  by Dr. Paul Saba

 by Loretta Ostojic


     This book is a must-read for Christians who care about our society and the government legislation that affects all of our lives.

     Dr Saba is a physician working right here in our own city, at Lachine Hospital, who has spearheaded the opposition to MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) in Quebec.  Spurred on by his experience as a doctor, his own deeply-held beliefs, and events that happened to him as a husband and father, Dr. Saba has worked tirelessly to inform others of the dangers of this legislation and continue his fight to reverse the law.   This law was originally intended only for those who have a terminal illness and are facing intolerable suffering, but since then has been extended to other groups and is now being considered for mature minors, advance requests, and those with mental illnesses.

     Some of the subjects this book deals with are MAID myths and reality checks, our contemporary thinking which has led to such legislation, and also the history of euthanasia.  I found this last subject particularly interesting because it shows that, instead of being the “progressive” action it is touted to be, euthanasia is actually a very old idea and practice.

     Many Canadians are not aware of the fact that in just six months, the federal government will be voting on whether to extend MAID to those with mental illnesses who request it. Now, more than ever, Christians need to pray fervently and contact our MPs to stop the expansion of this law.

The call number for this book is 174.24 SAB.


Made to Live: A Physician's Journey to Save…


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