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Our Church Blog - June Missionary Prayer Requests

June Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Yaw Perbi:

  1. Please pray for discernment as we figure out next steps after June 30th including location.
  2. For God's hand upon the entire transition and a great blessing on the next president.
  3. For his family as they had their 7th child and are looking for a nanny.


Wesley and Priscilla Peach:

  • Wesley is working hard to schedule our guest lecturers for each week of next fall and winter. He needs wisdom as he tries to put many factors into a cohesive order. 
  • Our two-day missions conference. Pray that this will be a strategic time for many.


Rebecca Rowley:

- Wisdom and strength to complete our schools well.

- To ensure that all goes well for the repair of the roof at YWAM Dunham.

- To ensure that the film and actor internship finishes well (April to June).

- For wisdom as we adjust our diet (less carbs) for Florian's diet.


Richard Platt and Haruyo:

  • Weekly online meetings (ministry):  
    • Monday (Men's fellowship & support group) en français !
    • Friday (ESL for Syrians)
    • Saturday (Chinese fellowship & Bible study)
    • Sunday (Japanese fellowship & Bible study)
  • Personal meetings (phone / online). May the Lord give us wisdom and words of encouragement as we connect with different people.

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