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Facing Loneliness

Posted by Ronald Smith Library on

Book review: Facing Loneliness: the starting point of a new journey. Book by J. Oswald Sanders.

Reviewed by Diane Sollazzo

This book discusses various things that can cause loneliness such as the death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, and even leadership. The author describes things that can make loneliness worse and ways we can help the lonely. In the end though, he puts the burden of doing something on those who are lonely. If we are lonely, we must not blame others, but look to what we can do to help ourselves, starting by getting right with God and releasing any resentments we have and moving on to forgiving ourselves and others, developing friendships and reaching out to others. 

I have perhaps made it all sound too easy. The book does not. It is rich with story and Scripture. Part one of the book explores some causes of loneliness. Part two explains things we can do. At the end of the book there is a summary chart containing useful Scripture for review. 

You can find the book in our library at 248.86 SAN.

Or you can borrow a digital copy from the Open Library



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