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Our Church Blog - 22-3 Missionary Prayer Requests

22-3 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Cheryl Peltier:

My prayer is that the cancer is all gone in Jesus almighty name.

Continue to pray that my family will turn to Jesus through their grief and fill my dad with His presence as he grieves for his partner and let Jesus light shine through him.


Shirley Hamilton:

  1. Devin – walked away from Teen Challenge, back into hard drugs and alcohol.  Knows God and Scripture.  Abuse and anger keep him bound.
  2. Melanie – again, a person who knows God and Scripture.  Has encounters with evil beings and struggles with their presence and physical advances.  I pray over her and have seen some significant physical healing in her at times.
  3. Her mother, Mildred, is much worried about Melanie.  She is not well herself and has physical limitations.  She uses a walker.  After the death of a step-daughter, she recently lost another daughter who passed away in her thirties from a disease. Mildred and her husband are raising their deceased daughter’s young girl (under 5).
  4. Alicia – Suffering from PTSD as her daughter’s 19 yr-old boyfriend (living with them) took his life.  She is off work, with no pay, 5 family members living in the apartment with her.  She recently came back to faith, and since has been under much trauma & attack.
  5. For many hundreds of our Native people who, due to the recent revelation about the residential schools, are struggling with the memories and triggers.  Its true also with those in Wiikwemkoong who are involved with a lawsuit with Holy Cross Mission (next to DayStar) due to the sexual abuse of priests.
  6. For Marjorie and her grandsons and granddaughters in the loss of her daughter and their mother. 
  7. Pray against the epidemic of death in Wiikwemkoong.  From last summer till now, about 15 young men have taken their lives, some women as well. 
  8. For available time to write my book – creativity and clarity.

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