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Our Church Blog - 22-11 Missionary Prayer Requests

22-11 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Bibiana MacLeod (currently in Slovakia)
  1. Please pray for grace with those who do not know Jesus.
  2. Pray that without words to express it clearly, He will manifest Himself to them through our lives and through the way we relate as co-workers in front of them.
  1. Please pray for us as pastor Peter wants me to help him a bit further with his desire to restructure the response team. May we use wisdom and adapt the tools of Disaster Management to their local situation.
  2. Pray also that MAI will find the resources to help so many in need around here.

Please pray:
1. for the coming weeks,
2. for the writing projects in Greek which is articles that she needs to write for a monthly Christian magazine called Φωνή 
3. for the meditations for the 2024 Daily Meditation booklet.

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