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Our Church Blog - Missionary Prayer Requests for September

Missionary Prayer Requests for September

Posted by Missions Committee on

Let us also pray for these prayer requests: 
Claude Mathieu (Fellowship Chaplaincywrites:
1. Continue to pray for our health for which we praise our Heavenly Father, for keeping us in good health.
2. Since the COVID 19 we have been confined and not able to travel as we would have loved. But our dear Heavenly Father had other plans for us, He has opened a door to reach the tenants in the building where we live. Using the experience we acquired as property managers for many years in London Ontario we are able to reach the tenants of our building. Please pray for us as we reflect the love of Christ in the building and as we help the owner with the light repairs in each apartment; this way we can be in contact with the tenants.
3. Continue to pray for the Lord to open doors for us as we try to enter the nursing homes in Victoriaville.
Richard Platt (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) writes:
1. Pray for us as we transition from one mission agency to another (We served with Christian Direction for over 25 years. Now we are serving with Overseas Missionary Fellowship , OMF.). The focus of our missionary service remains the same. We serve newcomers, international students, refugees, who have recently moved to Montreal. We help them to know more about the gospel message. Praying for them to come to faith in Christ.
2. Pray for the online Bible study groups we are involved in. A weekly Chinese outreach fellowship. The Montreal Japanese Christian Fellowship. A Syrian ESL practice group and Bible study. Pray for those who attend and also for the team of volunteers who serve and teach. May the Lord give us wisdom as we transition back to in person meetings.  
From Rebecca Rowley:
1. good family times, good connection between us.
2. how to manage our son's diabetes (Florian), as we are still learning.
3. A fall of rest with God, as our summer has been very active and full.
4. As we have cancelled all of our fall courses, may God guide us and make this a season of learning, adjustment and growth for all our team mates (around 40).
At 10:02 every morning my alarm reminds me to pray to the Lord of the harvest for more harvesters. I invite you to join me in doing this every day in obedience to Jesus’ command. As we pray, let’s also watch for those among the harvest of international students who He is preparing to work on the other side of the sickle!  
For more information about these and other missionaries we support, please see our Missions page

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