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Our Church Blog - Missionary Prayer Requests for Nov. 2023

Missionary Prayer Requests for Nov. 2023

Posted by Missions Committee on

Jackie Hainaut (Wycliffe) writes:
Please pray:
1) That the typesetting of the Kera Bible be finalized soon. I looked through the 2nd draft recently, but a 3rd one will need to be gone through because there were still too many changes to be made.

2) That the remaining funds come in to publish the Kera Bible. Praise the Lord we have enough for printing 10.000 copies, but hope to be able to print 15.000.

3) I am on the list for knee replacement surgery on my right knee, but don't have a date yet, though my surgeon said I shouldn't have to wait more than 2-5 months. Pray for pain management in the meantime, and for discipline to do the exercises I've been given to make recovery easier and shorter.

4) For wisdom in writing a commentary on the Sermon on the Mount in Kera. I have completed the research phase.
Laura and Steve Cyr (Serving in Mission, France) write:
-Please pray for the young adults who are meeting Thursday nights and going through the basics of the Christian faith. Please pray that students would continue to join and that their faith would be built up.
-Please pray for the street evangelism.  Steve has been meeting lots of young people who are curious. May the Lord reveal Himself to them.
-Please pray for our children, for the Lord's protection over them, that they would grow in his grace and that they could have some Christian friends.
-Please pray for the worship ministry.
Julio Garcia (CRU, Mexico):
Please pray for our pregnancy. We will have a girl coming in December and a lot of doctors will be on vacation, so it has been difficult to choose the right one that is available but at the same time that is pro natural labor. 
From David Ritz (Red Frogs) 
Please pray for Annabelle's brother Levi:
  • That the doctors can get to the root of what’s going on in his digestive system.

  • Peace for all of us. It’s hard for Annabelle who is concerned for her brother.


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