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Our Church Blog - December Prayer Requests

December Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Please pray for: 
Bibiana McLeod:
1. Pray that we can be sensitive to culture and at the same time see God redeeming aspects of culture that destroy dignity as, among the Wayuu, the payment of dowries for giving a daughter to be married. That facilitates impunity when a girl is violated if the perpetrator pays the family!

2. As we continue to offer group bible studies on emotional healing, we need prayer for those who attend and are going through pain. Pray for wisdom and a heart that senses where Jesus is leading us.

3. Zuzana and Bibiana are preparing informational packages on Human Trafficking for interested churches. We pray that God will open peopl’es eyes and minds to be Kingdom minded in this context
Kathleen Lashley:
Please pray that doors of ministry may open for me.
1. My first option would be to work with a former Brazilian college alongside an already established church. We would introduce, and train others in some of the ministries we have already been working in for the past several years targeting extremely impoverished neighbourhoods. Some of the programs include a pre-school ministry in the church.
2. The second option would be to take a visionary trip to Brazil for a couple of months to explore other ministry opportunities to different least reached people groups. This would allow me to explore more areas of ministries before committing to one.
Louisa with Operation Mobilization writes:
  1. As part of a (virtual) strategic leadership team, I'm mobilizing intercession for a Muslim-majority region in West Africa and developing long-term prayer strategies in partnership with local church-planting teams in that area. 
  • Pray that God will direct our team to take bold, wise steps, and keep us united and focused on Him through every turn. 
  1. I'm part of a new leadership team for a missions discipleship program to train artists to serve in contexts where Christian worship and witness are not yet present. 
  • Pray for me and my colleagues as we begin developing materials and protocols for the training program. We want to keep in step with the Spirit, and be sensitive to God's guidance about "what" to do and "how" to do it.
  • Pray for us - leaders, mentors, and future participants - to be formed into a vibrant community that is open and sensitive to God and each other. 
  1. While virtual teamwork with colleagues across continents is a joy and blessing, it also comes with the challenge of team building and communication. 
  • Pray that I will communicate clearly and listen well, and find refreshment during long days on the computer. 
  1. Possible travel plans are on the horizon, along with ongoing prayers for God to confirm a "landing place".
  • Pray for patience, a sense of God's timing, provision, and refined vision as I continue waiting for future directions.

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