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Our Church Blog - 22-7 Missionary Prayer Requests

22-7 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Wesley and Priscilla Peaches:
  • Please pray for efficiency in our work and for refreshing times for us away from work.
  • Don't forget to pray for our students’ and staffs’ summer ministries around the province.
  • Please continue to pray for more students to apply for this fall.
Tony Schaapman:
  •  Please pray for a Polish evangelist who speaks English with whom I can work to establish the ministry.
  • Please pray as we are on the streets of Olsztyn now distributing gospel literature and preaching the gospel in the open air.
  • On the 28th of July we will take occupancy of our home. It will be a great joy to unpack and settle down. Keep us in your prayers.
  • We are glad to see the Christian families we are helping, through BCM's fund for Ukranians in Poland, starting to get well settled with work sufficient to support themselves and government help too.
Richard and Haruyo Platt:
  • Please pray as I am waiting for a surgery (eyes, cataracts). It has been difficult to have a blurry vision (driving, online meetings, daily life). The Lord is using this trial to do a work in me. Yet, it is nice to know that my vision will be restored one day (Aug 10 is the date of my surgery).
  • Aiko completed her university (bachelor’s degree). Jonathan still works as a social worker. We are thankful to the Lord for them. Keep them in your prayers.
  • Chinese fellowship: We are meeting in person outdoors this summer.
    You can pray with us for some of our friends who attend these groups: Yang, Bob, James, Penny, Jian, Yali, Richard, Morgan, Leo and Celeste.
  • ESL online class (and in a park). For the students. Khaled, Lishi, Jiya, Emily, LeiLei, Jing, Raneem. We are encouraged by their sincere interest in God’s word. We have become a close community of friends. Pray for those who have  yet to receive salvation.
  • Haruyo (Japanese ministry) has different weekly online groups for Japanese ladies. Keep her in your prayers.

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