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Missions Project

Global Christianity Missions Project 2019

Project: Renovation of the multipurpose Daystar house located on the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve

Our target is $10,000. 
We have reached our goal (and slightly surpassed it.)

Praise the Lord!
Thank you to all who contributed.  

The Daystar property was purchased in the fall of 2013. Since then, the house has undergone a full interior renovation.The specific area for this part of the project is the final “wrapping” of the exterior of the house. Some window relocation was required in order for proper “room” placement in the second floor bedroom and bathroom areas. The “soffit” area of the house required proper venting as part of the attic (third floor) renovation. The entire rear of the house demolition and reconstruction requires “tie in” to the main façade of the home.The house was initially constructed in 1913, - it would be best kept within the original “exterior finish” of this heritage home. 
Presenter: Shirley Hamilton Daystar Native Christian Outreach

For more details see our blog here