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October 20 & 21


 Papua New Guinea: Solar kits for Health Centers 10,000$

Angelica Langlais YWAM 

Most of the villages served by YWAM Medical Ships are in remote areas without access to road, running water or electricity. When a mother is due to give birth, she'll most likely give birth in the village unless she has received good antenatal education or is having complications, she would then go to the closest Aid Post or Health Centre. The health worker there does the best they can to assist the mother in labour, but it can get quite tricky if night comes and there's no power. Nurses tell stories of assisting mothers in delivery while holding a torch or phone in their mouth to help with light! We love to be able to bring Light and ensure safe birth for the mothers. We have a partnership with a local Townsville company that makes the panels without profit for us to be able to bless PNG.  

The solar kit includes the following: solar panels, lights for 4 rooms, 2 head lamps, a battery charger, re-chargeable batteries, mobile phone charger, and a foetal doppler.