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Our Beliefs, Vision & Core Values

Doctrinal Beliefs:

We are a people of the Bible who believe it is God's perfect revelation of Himself and His will for us. The Bible reveals what went wrong in us and in our relationship with God. Our sin has separated us from our Creator and He has made a way back for us by sending Jesus Christ who gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice for all time and for all of our sins. We are called to turn to Him in faith as our Saviour. This is the beginning of a whole new life of commitment empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is the Good News of God's love we want to proclaim to the world.

Peoples Church of Montreal is a member of the AGC: Associated Gospel Churches of Canada.

You can read our doctrinal beliefs on the website for our denomination.


To Know Christ
To Grow in Christ
To Make Christ Known

Our Vision:

We envision a united and growing congregation of fervent worshipers who remain true to the Bible. We will continue to reach out to all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ beginning in downtown Montreal and out to the world.

We will dedicate ourselves to the mission of forming believers into mature disciples. We will strive for faithfulness in managing all we have been given for the glory of God.

Our Core Values:

God is our highest priority and worshiping Him in all aspects of life is our greatest joy. 

Prayer is our great privilege as we seek God while expressing our love to Him. 

Spiritual Growth is a journey we pursue together; becoming like Jesus Christ is our destiny. 

Service is our highest expression of gratitude to God and the strongest influence we can have on people. 

Christian Community is where we most deeply experience God's love and grace throughout all stages of life. 

All Peoples are of tremendous value to God; reaching them with the Gospel is our distinct responsibility. 

Our pastors preached a series of sermons on these core values in the fall of 2018. If you would like to know more about our core values, you can view or listen to our Big Six Sermon Series.