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Because We are One body

Small Groups Vision

Being God’s Family, Shining the Light of Christ, Loving our Neighbours


As we go through the highs and lows of life, we are committed to joining together to explore how Jesus and His word are transformative and meaningful to each situation of our lives. We therefore build our fellowship around studying scripture, praying together, confessing, counselling, repenting and reorienting one another to Christ and His promises. (Col 3:16-17)

Ongoing Small Groups For Adults of All Ages:

We have many Small Groups with a focus on Bible study, fellowship and prayer. 

Evenings at Peoples: Tuesday Night Small Group
Every Tuesday night in Peoples Church Basement
Leader: Samson
"We seek a deeper understanding of scripture through discussion and fellowship"
City Lights Downtown Group
Meets Sunday afternoons (in person at the church)
Leaders: Aaron, Shierly and Bianti
"We mostly study bible together but also socialize when needed with rotation of activities"
City Lights South Shore Group
Meeting Once per month on Sunday Afternoons in Brossard or Longueuil 
Leader: Joel and Nissi
"Mostly families with young children, focus on prayer and encouragement"
Downtown FOS (Family, Outreach, Scripture) Group
Meeting every second Sunday in Peoples Church Basement
Leader: Jim and Marisa
"A small group that wants to do life together. We go through a small section of the Bible at a time and discuss it. We support each other in prayer and share encouragement throughout the week"
Men's Group, South Shore
Meeting Thursday Nights in Brossard
Leader: Amar
"Cover topics relevant to men in their 40's and beyond"
Mom's Group Online (on Zoom)
Meets every second Wednesday for 1 hour
For mothers of young children 
Leader: Debbie
"We are a group of moms that wants to learn about the Lord, and we support each other through the joys and challenges we face as we face this demanding phase in our lives."
Summer Study Group 
Meets every Sunday morning at the church before the summer schedule morning worship service.
Leader: Diane
"We are a group that wanted to continue meeting together during the summer months. We are focusing on Jesus with the help of a study guide by John Stott - Jesus Christ: Teacher, Servant, and Savior." Not the only group meeting in the summer, but probably the only group that meets only in the summer. 
Thursday Night Online Small Group (on Zoom)
All ages group, meets every Thursday evening. (Sept - mid-June)
Leaders: Pastor Ken and Valerie
South Shore Bible Study Group (meeting with Zoom)
Meets every other week, usually on Tuesdays - the exact day may change (stopped for summer) 
Leader: John
"Mostly retirees, but moving forward with our Lord.
We sing hymns, have a time of praise and prayer, and then study our lesson questions."
Open to all. Studying Jeremiah. 
Town of Mount Royal Small Group (via Zoom or Team)
Meets every second Friday evening 
Leader: George and Camille (Elders)
West Island Beaconsfield Small Group (currently on Zoom, Occasionally in-person) 
Meets every second Wednesday evening at 8 PM (on pause until Sept.)
Leaders: Eric and Mary
Ladies @8: Woman's Group (on Zoom) 
Meets every other Wednesday evening (stopped for summer) 
Leader: Veronica
"We enjoy learning from one another some of us have children, others are grandparents and different perspectives help us grow and learn as we study the Bible together."
ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship)
Bible study during second service at church (11:05 in Peoples Church Library) (Sept - mid-June)
Leader: George
"In depth study of whole books of the bible"

Special Short Term Group for Adults of All Ages

Alpha - 10 week session (Sept 18 - Nov 27, 2023)
Answers questions such as: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus Die? How can we have Faith? Why and how do I Pray? Why and how should I read the Bible? and How does God Guide us?
Leader: George

To connect with any of the groups above you can email:   and address the email to Pastor Chris (Associate Pastor in charge of small groups), ask about any of the groups you are interested in and Pastor Chris will connect you with the relevant leader.