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Our Church Blog - May 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

May 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Peter Sollazzo:
I think our main prayer request at McGill right now would be that God would be giving us wisdom and guidance as we put together our student leadership team for next semester. We've been really blessed with the leaders we've had over this past year, and are also encouraged to see some new students showing interest in leading next year. Right now we're in the process of figuring out how all of that comes together, and how we can put people in roles that they'll be able to thrive in.
Tony Schaapman:
Please pray for the Montreal street ministry.
Mike plays a key role in this ministry, but his job prevents him from being available on Friday nights, which are the best night of the week. It really affects his morale too. Please pray that the Lord will provide for Him and, by extension, the team.
Please pray for a good brother who has joined a very exclusive church, causing him not to be able to work with the team in the same love and unity. 
Pray for Montreal, and Poland that more men have the desire and gift to preach the gospel in the open air.
Pray for us here in Olsztyn, Poland as the warmer season begins allowing us endless ministry in the parks where the youth hangout. The vast majority have abandoned the Catholic faith and replaced it with no religion.
Pray specifically for the Lord to direct us as we seek to begin a group, Bible studies...etc. with them. There is nothing for them here. 
Pray also for Andril, a 17 year old Christian Ukrainian boy who left Ukraine before his 18th birthday, after which they would not allow him to exit. We are seeking accommodation for him now in Poland for 3 months as his papers are done to send him to his uncle's in the USA.
Jenna Smith:
Please pray for the young people Christian Direction is mentoring downtown and in Hochelaga. That they would experience Jesus' love and message through our care. 
Please pray for the women who are survivors of domestic violence we are working with, that their stories and their faith would continue to educate those around them and that their healing journeys would be a testimony of Christ to those around them. 
Please pray for me and my husband Nicolas, as he finishes his school year (he is a primary school teacher) and we will be leaving for a 5 week pilgrimage in Spain.

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