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Our Church Blog - March 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

March 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

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Requests from Shirley Hamilton:

  • Pray for healing and recovery after maxillo dental surgery and a fall a week later. Physiotherapy is effective with the back pain which has resulted. 
  • A number of my Indigenous friends are demonstrating transformative changes in their lives. They are experiencing new or fresh understanding of the Word and Jesus.  Others are on the brink,   begging for mentoring and teaching while others are at various stages on their journey with the Lord.
    • Fourteen-year-old David is an exceptional Native young man who has called me ‘Grandma’ since he was able to talk. On a recent visit to his family, I found him very interested in spiritual things. He is thrilled with the NIV Teen Guys Bible I’ve sent him which has helps for wisdom, strength, and knowledge.  Pray that he will develop a strong relationship with the Lord and grow to be a force for righteousness among his people.
  • Pray for Wiikwemkoong as the scourge of deaths continues. The last four years have been like an epidemic.  Wiky is a close-knit community with about 4,000 band members resident on reserve. Sorrow and heartache are taking its toll.
  • With the writing of my book, the nitty-gritty stage of editing has begun, as well as the raising of funds for publication.  Throughout the entire book Jesus is the focus. My prayer is that the readers will see Jesus revealed and accept Him.   
  • As to finances, DayStar Director Bernie Prinzen has encouraged me to spell out my needs. The covid years have impacted my supporters, both churches and individuals, precipitating a drastic reduction, or in some cases, discontinuance of my personal support.  Therefore, Bernie recommended that I raise an additional $2,000 per month to meet my need. 

A Book Project Fund has been established for publication.  Monies donated to this fund will be directed to my personal ministry (in my name), not to DayStar Native Outreach.   

The book is a tool for evangelism, discipleship, and for a call to reconciliation with our First Nations peoples. 

Prayer requests from Yaw Perbi:

1. Pray for a disciple-making and church-forming movement to begin among the Nanumba people. Also pray for the 1,000-person prayer movement hoped for through 'High 5 Groups.'

2. Pray for the finishing up, printing and launch of DISICPLE SHIP on March 30, DV.

Pray for upcoming Kwiverr projects (podcast, prayer app, incubator, publications, doctoral research etc.), that every resource needed will be supplied to equip the saints for the work of the ministry/mission. Pray for the Kwiverr core team, for great grace and to be consumed with the vision of finishing the finishables.

4. Pray for financial supply and new potential partners. You may give  to Kwiverr/ISMC/Lausanne, as the LORD leads.

Prayer Requests from  Anastasia Ish:

New challenges for the month of March for which I need your prayers as well, among other meetings :

  • March 16, Ladies conference in Quebec City   
  • March 26, I have been invited to share in the teaching of the Perspectives Course in French, to a group in Montreal.   

Prayer requests from Wesley and Priscilla Peach:

  • Priscilla is transitioning her day-to-day functions as academic secretary to other staff members. This has been a big push for her and for them. She will continue to be involved in other aspects of the ministry.
  • Wes is working with the Bible Institute leaders who are planning next year’s academic curriculum. There are so many factors to coordinate to maximize our coming year!



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