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Our Church Blog - Feb. 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

Feb. 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Steve and Karen Frank:

Please pray for: 

a) The salvation and spiritual growth of those who listen to the weekly radio broadcasts of "La Voix de l'Évangile" & "The Voice of the Gospel" , which are aired on WCHP - 760 AM - on Mondays at 3 pm and on CKZW - 1650 AM - on Fridays at 11 pm and Saturdays at 11 am, on two stations in France, as well as on the Internet at:

b) Pastor Michel Martel as he prepares messages for the weekly broadcasts
c) Karen’s involvement in a ladies’ Bible study in Chateauguay on Friday mornings.
d) The spiritual growth of those whom we counsel by telephone and correspondence
e) Steve's weekly blog - Aches and Praise - to help believers grow in their walk with the Lord
f) our physical health - Karen has severe allergies and Steve has had considerable weight loss in the past two years.

Charles Henri Côté:

  • We pray for the formation of an administrative committee that will oversee the proper functioning of the Church.
  • We pray for the establishment of a committee of Elders. There are 2 possible candidates and we are praying for a full-time elder.
  • For my part, I ask for God's wisdom to successfully complete my term of project at Rockland Church before retiring on August 8, 2024.
  • Your prayers are important because we are counting on the power of God to see his Name glorified among the French speakers of Ontario.

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