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Donations for Ukraine

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We continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and for the Lord to bring about peace, protection, aid and the power of the Gospel during this very difficult time.

Below are various ways that we, as a church, can support vital relief efforts being carried out by Christian organizations.  We have included links below for your information, and invite you to pray for and support these efforts as the Lord leads.

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.” (Matthew 24:7)

Intercede International
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Below is a letter from Slavik Radchuk— Intercede International's mission ambassador to Ukraine, Russia and the Central Asian Republics and Associate Director of Good Samaritan Mission in Ukraine. 
"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We greet you in the name of Jesus. The Russian Federation has attacked Ukraine in a 1,200-km long perimeter and now as I’m writing this letter, Russia is attacking all the major cities, especially Kiev. After bombing, Russia dropped parachuted foot soldiers from planes. Currently there is war over every major city in the Ukraine. Our ministry is helping more than 150 children plus 30 adults to evacuate from Kiev to Western Europe. The other day I spoke with our Mission Director and tears poured from my eyes. We support more than 200 missionaries in Ukraine from Good Samaritan Mission. Many of them have opened new churches in the east of Ukraine (the first war zone). Our Director called the missionaries there to escape from that war zone and return home. Two families returned because they have small children but more than 20 missionaries said to us, “we will stay in our ministry place. If we have to die, we are willing to lay down our lives.” New believers from every church said, “please don’t go because we have no one who will take care of our people in church and we are just new believers.” Our Ministry in Ukraine is working to evacuate to Western Europe 400 more children and adults. Currently our mission has bought mattresses and prepared spaces for refugees from all over Ukraine. They are now preparing more than 1,000 boxes with food. More boxes need to be prepared. Please, dear friends in Christ, if you are willing through prayer to yield your hearts in a critical time such as this, and if you are willing to do something from yourself or your church, or business, it is a big request to help us buy boxes with food, take care of homeless children and refugees.

On behalf of missionaries from Ukraine,
Slavik Radchuk, Good Samaritan Mission"

Operation Mobilization (OM) Moldova
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Stating the purpose as “Ukrainian Crisis Response in Moldova

Moldova, the poorest nation in Europe, borders with Ukraine and has now a frontline role in helping the fleeing women, children and elderly. From the NY Times: “Although Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries, it has taken in at least 88,000 Ukrainians”.

OM has a very dedicated and impactful ministry in Moldova, connecting many local churches and what they call Day Centres – partnering churches and organizations which serve vulnerable children daily meals and care. These operations, together with the kind and generous community, are now deployed to help.  They are truly doing wonderful work for the Lord.


Samaritan’s Purse
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Samaritan's Purse is providing hospital equipment, generators, flooring, logistics, and set-up personnel, as well as doctors and nurses ready in Poland.  They are also distributing food inside Ukraine.

Franklin Graham from Samaritan's Purse on CTV News:


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