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Our Church Blog - April 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

April 2024 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Richard and Haruyo Platt:
  1. Chinese Fellowship & Japanese Fellowship meetings. Pray for spiritual
    growth and also for those who have yet to come to faith. May these moments
    together be blessed by the Lord.
  2.  Haruyo is involved in a few online groups for Japanese women. Pray for
    spiritual growth and for the salvation of those who attend these online meetings.
  3. Pray for the ESL program (English conversation groups) that will start again this
    Spring (April) at SBC (our local church). For the team of volunteers and for the
    students who will be attending.
  4. The ESL conversation group that meets online (Zoom) continues and remains
    a source of blessing for us! Pray for the students as we explore Bible stories
Donald Rodier
Please pray for...
  • The dozens of students from the various chaplaincy courses, so that they may use what they have received to better love their neighbors.
  • That the few sections that remain of the manuscript can be completed so that our project of the book on chaplaincy in French be completed before the summer.
  • Pray for new opportunities for our chaplains to shine as summer arrives and people get outside.
  • Pray for all our followers of men and women of peace, that God may use us to make disciples consecrated to Him and integrated into His Church.

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