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The Sixth Commandment and Capital Punishment

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The Sixth Commandment and Capital Punishment

Series: Ten Commandments

Category: Christian Living, Ethics

Speaker: Ken Godon

Passage: Exodus 20:13

Summary: The value of human life

Tags: imago dei, cain, environment, brother, retaliation, vengeance, negligence, biblical ethics, abortion, suicide, soul, euthanasia, personhood

Additional Scripture:

  • Gen. 1:26 - in the image of God 
  • Gen 4 - the first murder
  • Exodus 22 - self-defence 
  • Mattew 5:21- Jesus speaks
  • Gen. 9 - God's authority 
  • Rom. 4 - governing authority


Murder - intentional, premeditated killing (shedding of innocent blood) 
Not manslaughter, self-defence or war