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Faith Comes From Hearing

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Faith Comes From Hearing

Series: The Glorious Gospel

Category: Evangelism

Speaker: Christopher Shipster

Passage: Romans 10:14-21

Summary: Bringing the Word to the world

Tags: compassion, joy, salvation, creativity, invitation, satisfy, unite, cambodia, open your eyes, confident faith, incline your heart, eyes and ears

Hearing and understanding is not the same as believing. 

The most important thing you can do is to listen to God.

4 IOU's you owe God.

  1. Incline your heart - Ps. 119:36
  2. Open your eyes - Ps. 119:18
  3. Unite your heart - Ps 86:11
  4. Satisfy yourself with God's Word - come to God's Word with joyful expectation - Ps. 90:14

Ask God to do this work in your life. 

Call upon him as your Saviour and your Sender and invite others to listen to God's Word as well and benefit from God's saving Word.