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A Motley Crew

Series: Nehemiah

Category: Our Pastors

Speaker: Christopher Shipster

Passage: Nehemiah 5:1-5

Summary: Nehemiah was confronted with a monumental task when called by God to rebuild the ruined nation of Israel. In some ways it could be said that the easiest task he needed to tackle was the rebuilding of the city walls. A much harder task was the rebuilding of a confused, hurting and fallen group of people back into a nation. Not only a nation, but Gods chosen nation, raised up, set apart and Holy. This transformation is the most important and the most challenging. This is not a unique challenge however. Time and time again in scripture God chooses to take a rag tag group of the unremarkable and create out of them the most beautiful thing in all creation. This is the story of the church. Like the returning Israelites we come from a variety of backgrounds and stories, bound together by common conviction and the rapturous love of God.