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Our Church Blog - October Prayer Requests

October Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Gabriel Barau (Intercede):
  1. Please pray for the much-needed support for GoMinistries expenses.
  2. Pray for protection for GoMinistries missionaries from the Coronavirus and attacks of the enemy.
  3. Pray that GOM will be able to provide borehole wells to more communities.
Angelica Langlais (YWAM Medical Ships):
  1. Please pray for the Australian border force to relax the travel restrictions to make it easier for our teams to move across our campuses in Townsville, Port Moresby and the Medical Ship. 
  2. Pray for resilience for our team members, we have a smaller amount of full time missionaries and yet so many things we feel God is calling us to be involved in across our campuses. Pray that His joy would be our strength and that our work would be a light burden as we work onto Him.
  3. Pray for my continuous battle with immigration. I have another visa expiring in December and wholeheartedly believe for a long term option (permanent residency) to be available. Specifically praying for the government to extend an invitation for migration under skilled workers.
  4. Pray for health and safety for me and the medical team. We visit remote villages in Western Province, a COVID hotspot for the nation. We are fully immunised and take safety precautions, but would still appreciate extra coverage there as Delta is rampant here.
  5. Pray for continued trust and relationships with the communities we visit. We find that COVID19 brings a lot of fears in the communities and that can decrease the amount of people that engage with our teams. We come to bring life and hope, but can only do that if the communities will trust us enough to come and hear.  
Laura and Steve Cyr (SIM):
  1. Pray for Steve as he does street evangelism Tuesday and Friday morning with Christian, a church member.  May the Lord direct the meetings and conversations and draw people to Himself.  May the weather permit for them to continue all of the month of October.
  2. For Laura as she develops, adapts the children's ministry to the needs of our church, as well as reaching out to the children in our neighborhood
  3. Wisdom and grace in parenting, and for our children to know the love of God and experience His presence and peace in their lives.

Pray for our Global Christianity Weekend (Oct. 23 & 24)

Pray for this year's mission project


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