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Our Church Blog - Missionary Prayer Requests for August

Missionary Prayer Requests for August

Posted by Missions Committee on

August 2020

Please pray for the following through the month of August


Zach Lalic:  Power to change

  1. Please pray for House of Worship this summer - that the members would continue to grow closer to the Lord and to each other, and that He would continue to use our recording project "HOME SONGS" in order to reach people online with the Gospel through music and the arts.
  2. Please pray for me as I plan for the fall, that the direction House of Worship takes would be God's direction - pray that I would walk closely with Him as I pray and discern where I should go next.
  3. Pray for me as I am currently support raising again as well this season - please pray with me that God would provide $608 in monthly donations. Pray that God would continue to provide for my wife and I's needs, and that we would draw closer to Him as we depend on Him when it comes to our finances.

Lise Lalonde : Awana

  1. Please pray with me as I really want to be a source of encouragement for the many churches in the province who question how to do children ministry during the current times. 
  2. Kids still need to be reached with the Gospel, but the best way to do it is not always obvious.  May God show me the way to go, and equip me to do it well.


Wesley Peach: Word of Life

    1.  All the preparations for the new school year that starts Sunday August 30th withregistration and then our first physical classes on Monday the 31st.   
    2. For the preparations for our delayed physical graduation, that we are planning for September 26th.
    3. Like all schools in the world this fall, we need wisdom in adapting to COVID protocols both on our campus and for ministry initiatives. We are sailing in unknown seas.

Pray also for our 2020 global Christianity Weekend and project! 


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