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Our Church Blog - March Missionary Prayer Requests

March Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Cheryl Peltier:

  1. Please pray for my daughter, she just turned 18, she is in her last year in high school and she has high anxiety.
  2. Pray that Jesus guides me in my new role as Center Manager.
  3. Pray that Jesus sends His helpers so we can spread the gospel to our people in the community. May our fellow believers step up to the plate and say "What can I do for Jesus and how can I help my community?" We need to help them spread their wings and soar. Some are already doing it and we are expecting more to come. We have started a Bible study to help them grow. May Jesus help us to be the light in our community.   
  4. Pray that I get enough support so I can keep doing what the Lord has me doing.


Lise and Charles Côté: 

Pray with us and for us according to the Will of God:

  1. James 1: 5. Pray for God's wisdom for us to care for the disciples in Blainville, Lachute and Rockland, Ontario
  2. Luke 10: 1-2. Pray that we may find a worker/pastor for the Blainville Church and a worker for the Rockland Church. Men of God, loving Jesus, His Word and people.
  3. 2 Peter 3:18. Pray for the growth of the disciples in the knowledge and fear of God
  4. Acts 1: 8; 2 Timothy 1: 7-8. Pray that we may be disciples who testify by the power of the Holy Spirit to the people to whom the Lord sends us, that we may be close to the Lord and always ready to go and make disciples with Him.
  5. Philippians 4: 14-19 Pray for the financial resources of our ministry, for funding the work in Rockland. Our financial goal for the ministry of the gospel in the town of Rockland in 2021 is $ 21,000. We rent a chapel at St Andrews Church where we want to meet, witness for Jesus and offer a Gospel of John to citizens and neighbors; we also support the workers by teaching them and helping them with the expenses in the formation of disciples.


Zachary Lalic:

  1. Pray for the House of Worship city leaders, that God would continue to encourage them as they seek, trust, serve, and wait on the Lord this season.
  2. Pray for our upcoming projects, that we would draw closely to Jesus first as we engage students with the hope we have in Him through music and the arts.
  3. Pray for Louisa and I, that we would continue to seek Him first in our marriage, and that He would be our Great Treasure through it all.
  4. Pray that God would continue to provide financially as I continue to lead House of Worship Ministries.


Shirley Hamilton:

  1. Please pray for the community, here in Manitoulin, and all across the mid-north of Ontario where DayStar has work and influence.
  2. Pray for the people in Manitoulin who have intense issues of addiction and grief. 


Ron Grossman:
  1. Please pray as we present The Passover with a church in Delaware on Good Friday April 2 via Zoom. 
  2. Pray also for our ongoing teaching found on our YouTube channel easily accessed via our webpage at .currently.
  3. Pray with us that The Lord provide what is needed to carry forward. As we approach mid-March, we have obligations to be met to finish the month well.

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