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Our Church Blog - July Prayer Requests

July Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Please pray for:
Tony Schaapman: 
1. Pray for more people to get saved through the ministry and for more disciples in the Lord.
2. Pray for 2 young men who wish to take up the sketchboard as a full-time ministry.
3. We give thanks to the Lord as the street ministry is doing exceptionally well. The crowds on the street are endless, and so are the opportunities for proclaiming Christ. We also have a large and steady stream of volunteers
Jenna Smith:
For the next three weeks, we will be hosting the “Youth Church Internships”, Please pray for really good experiences for all the kids as they learn to love their city in the manner of Jesus. 
Stephen Frank:
1. For Pastor Michel Martel, who is the speaker of the French-language radio broadcasts of La Voix de l'Evangile (The Voice of the Gospel), to have insights from the Lord in the preparation of his messages.
2. For those who listen to the radio broadcasts - for their salvation and spiritual growth.
3. For those who follow Bible courses in French and English from our ministry - for their growth in the Lord.
4. For our neighbours to come to faith in Christ. We have had several times of interaction recently with neighbours who are very kind to us.
5. For our daughter, Candace, who is expecting her first child. She and her husband, Richie, live in Connecticut.
6. For one unspoken request that is heavy on our hearts.

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