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Our Church Blog - Custodian Needed - 18 hours a week

Custodian Needed - 18 hours a week

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Facility Manager/ Custodian – Peoples Church of Montreal

Hours: 18/ week, avg.                        Rate of Pay: $18.54/ hr                   



Reporting to the Administration, House Committee and/ or Pastors of Peoples Church, the successful candidate will:


Clean and maintain, in good working order, the facilities of 2097 Union Street, both its interior and exterior. This will include, but not be limited to, sweeping, and mopping of floors, washing windows, vacuuming carpets, cleaning & sanitizing washrooms, dusting, and general upkeep of any/ all assets contained within or located thereon.

The candidate will operate within and promote any/ all applicable Workplace Safety Standards.

The candidate may/ will also be called upon to fill Order Forms/ Order Stock or Supplies related to their Duties/ Operations of the church and its ministries. This may include Reimbursement Forms, accurate Maintenance Records/ Reports and verify and be a signatory to job orders and delivered items. The candidate can order supplies via the church office, or purchase small items necessary to perform their duties, acknowledging reimbursement by the church will be issued monthly – upon proper completion and submission of form(s).

The position is flexible, with an emphasis on Sunday morning preparation and events. We encourage Sunday presence, as this is the busiest day of the week.

The candidate will create a work schedule conducive to Operations, Ministry Schedule(s) and Maintenance Schedule(s). For example: Garbage must go out after 9 pm Sunday and before 5 am, Monday.  Facilities must be ready to accept regular worship meetings throughout the week.

The candidate may also coordinate their hours (or additional hours) when special events take place.

Organize & Supervise:

As the primary maintenance staff, the custodian will often interface and discuss facilities needs with the staff or hired specialists. For example: plumbers, electricians etc.


Climb stairs, climb ladders, bending, kneeling, shovelling, work overhead, manual dexterity, maintain a positive attitude and work in a team setting.



Repair (if possible), Replace, Refinish, Clean. Perform all duties at or above the professional provincial standards (i.e.: WHMIS, etc.).


May include the handling of light power equipment, such as: power drill, pressure washer, vacuum(s), floor polisher, pressurized aerosols, hand tools, cleaners, lubricants, etc.


Punctual, flexible, adaptable, resourceful, creative problem solver, budget sensitive, congenial, positive, and directive.


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