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Our Church Blog - April 2023 Missionary Prayer Requests

April 2023 Missionary Prayer Requests

Posted by Missions Committee on

Donald Rodier:

• Kindly pray for the 45 students who attended the last training session in Drummondville on February 11th.  May God send out His servants to reap a bountiful harvest. Also, please pray for the success of the next training scheduled for April 21-22.

• Please pray for new opportunities to present and conduct training sessions in other regions.

• Let’s pray for the collective book project on chaplaincy to make progress.  May God provide inspiration and guidance to the authors.  

• Please pray for the new Cohort project in Drummondville on April 21-22.  Even if not everyone wants to become a chaplain, these trainings contribute to the formation of disciples to go to the community and to take care of it.We are also looking at a new Cohort in Sherbrooke in the fall, God willing.


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