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Our Church Blog - 22-9 Missionary Requests

22-9 Missionary Requests

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Shu Yin Wong:

Please pray for New Students Outreach


Jenna Smith:

1) Please pray for the churches in MontréaI-nord. I am working with several churches in that area, helping them understand their community and create Christian outreach to their neighbourhoods. The violence, and gang-related violence in the Montréal-Nord/St-Michel area has gotten much worse since the pandemic. Several teens in the youth groups of these churches are directly impacted by this. Pray for the youth pastors there.

2) Pray for our ministries in downtown Montreal and in Hochelaga, as we minister to teens and families and children who are not Christian. Pray for our front line workers, who are the living witness of God’s love.


Peter Sollazzo:

1) Please pray for the new students coming in, that they would find a good community and have opportunities to hear and grow in the gospel.

2) Please pray that we would see a lot of students get involved this year, as well as a lot of students stepping into leadership.


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