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The Faithfulness of God

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The Faithfulness of God

Series: Stand Alone Sermons

Speaker: Glenn Smith

Passage: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9

Summary: A call to us to be faithful

Tags: blessing, christian character, faithfulness, justified, unconditional love, plan of creation, rectified

Glenn Smith is the director of Christian Direction which started as Sermons from Science at Expo 67 50 years ago. 

In Christ we are enriched and have a legal guarantee. 

God is faithful and never gives up on us. 

God loves us with a loyal, steadfast love. He asks us to be faithful as well.  

Are you faithful to the triune God? 

We don't do it with grit. We don't do it out of duty. We do it because Christ is in us. We do it with the power of the Spirit. 

Additional Scripture: Deut. 31, Ps. 100, 1 John 1

Make the commitment to faithful service. Faithful Christian practice and dedication to God develops Christian character.