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Cain & Abel

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Cain & Abel

Series: The Book of Genesis

Category: Our Pastors, Creation

Speaker: Ken Godon

Passage: Genesis 4:1-16

Summary: Why are you angry?

Tags: generation gap, protection, real faith, repentance, sin, worship, family tension, token faith

Here we see the first generation gap. The experience of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden was completely different from the experience of their sons who grew up outside it and never knew the pleasure of living in the Garden. 

There is no going back, only the choice to do things God's way with real faith or going through the motions of token faith doing things our own way. 

Referenced books:

  • Generational IQ by Haydn Shaw and Ginger Kolbaba
  • Humanity: A Moral History of the Twentieth Century by Jonathan Glover